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''Creative Booths For Creative People''.

We are experts in bringing events to life with our next generation gif & photo booths. Create & Capture all those magical moments from your event and share them on social media. Then relive the glory by sifting through your personalised online gallery of moving gifs or by flicking through your printed photo keepsakes - or both! You will also be sent all digital files post-event so you can keep them forever. Be it Wedding // Party // Launch or Brand Event, our booths can be tailored perfectly for your event. Check out all of our personalisation options to

reach your event's full potential!

Photo Booths + GIF Booths for Newcastle, The North East + Beyond!



Our booths are modern, simple & easy to use. Simply Press Start, pull some shapes and enter your phone number and you are done. Your GIF or photo is instantly sent to your phone via text message, ready to share with the world on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter. It gets your guests laughing and interacting from the get go & our booths are also accompanied by one of our very own Booth Butlers to keep the party atmosphere going throughout the night.

Everyone will be "getting their gif on" before you know it!

Gif Booth, Photo Booth, Nomadic Photo Booth, Outdoor Photo Booth, Woodland, Forest, Outdoors, Adventure


Tent, Field, Barn, Beach - Our Gif and Photo Booths will be right at home. They are sleek, lightweight & portable and free to roam throughout your event. Even if wifi and power supply are unavailable, we can fit our GIF Booth with its own battery and wifi dongle so you can literally take it ANYWHERE. Unlike a normal Photo Booth, all our booths can be moved from place to place at the drop of a hat and can fit into the smallest nook or draw a crowd in the largest warehouse!


ANY EVENT, ANY PLACE - We'll be there.

Gif Booth, Photo Booth, Nomadic Photo Booth, Outdoor Photo Booth, Woodland, Forest, Field, Meadow, Bride, Wedding, Outdoors, Adventure, Festival


Our booths are open & super sociable. They are made to bring people together. The entertainment becomes part of the party and the effect is beautiful.  Our Gifs and Photos are sent straight to your guest's phone with a personalised text message, ready for instant sharing with the world on your favourite Social Media. You can preset a caption, message and hashtags for the event to accompany their post.

Our booths are made to bring people together. Social is what we do.

Gif Booth, Photo Booth, Nomadic Photo Booth, Outdoor Photo Booth, Brick Wall, Painted Wall, Outdoors, Adventure, Photo Booth Backdrop, Urban Photo Booth, Industrial Backdrop




From festivals to intimate gatherings and everything in between, we know the score. Our booths are always at the heart and soul of the party. Open and sociable and super-fun, our booths break the ice, bring people together and it happens in an instant. Custom artwork, online gallery, photo filters, text message to guests & social media captions help to make your event that little bit special, so people remember. They always remember. 


Our slimline booths can be intimate and personal with total simplicity or make waves with creative green screen backgrounds and props. 


With adjustable light & adjustable height we can fit into any atmosphere and take snaps of anyone, even your lovely dog. 

P.S. if you don't see it, doesn't mean we can't do it. If you have an idea, just ask - we love that. Chances are we can do it. 

Capturing living moments from your wedding and collecting them in an online gallery. Our booths take animated GIFs with artwork designed to reflect you, sends them straight to your guest's phone with a personal text message from the Bride & Groom, and gives instant options to share on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. 


You can personalise almost every aspect so whether you're going small and intimate or full-on festival, we can go with the flow to suit your day. It's elegant and slimline so can be seamlessly woven into your day and capture your guests and their sweet moves! 

The live online gallery means you can watch and relive the wedding fun and maybe catch some of those moments that you missed first time round!

We also recommend our Floral Booth Ring for a touch of elegant simplicity.

StudioSocial_North collaborating with Flying Oaks Tree Hire to create a Forest GIF Booth at A Wedding Less Ordinary at The Boiler Shop. Available for Wedding + Events.
High 5!!! Animated GIF from StudioSocil_NORTH's GIF Booth for A Wedding Less Ordinary at The Boiler Shop. Photo Booth Collaboration with Flying Oaks Tree Hire.

At StudioSocial_NORTH we know how important it is to be present on Social Media. That's what we do.


Our booths provide extra special entertainment that makes your event stand out and boost share rates from your event no-end. Fully interactive and customised for your brand the whole user journey is branded for your guests. Our creative team have worked with some of the world's biggest brands providing creative and unique social content for their events. From fully branded Booths + branded GIF Overlays to Green Screen video backgrounds, we can help you make the most of your event.  


We also provide you with our share data and analytics post event and we also have numerous avenues for data collection for post-event marketing.


So, get in touch to boost your online presence with peer to peer sharing of fully branded Gifs.

StudioSocial NORTH | GIF Booth. Branded artwork + GIF Overlay, with adjustable LED beauty lighting. Photo Booth Social Content Creation.

What is included?

unlimited gifs // prints

Live gif gallery & custom website

Custom artwork

personalised text message

Social Media captions

Photo filters

All digital files post-event

                    WHAT iS A GIF?                    

GIF, Event GIF, Gif Booth, Branded GIF
GIF, Event GIF, Gif Booth, Branded GIF
GIF, Event GIF, Gif Booth, Branded GIF

That's a GIF!

Up to 16 Photos Instantly animated together and played back in a continuous loop!

get creative

Our Gifs are endlessly playful and unique. But it doesn't end there. Why not go the extra mile for your event with our GIF Booth + Photo Booth extra features. For those in search of something truly unique, you can release your creativity, let your imagination run wild and create your own bespoke experience with our added extras...

gif // photo extras

Animated Overlays

Custom Backdrops

green Screen Background

green Screen Props


Live Streaming GIF Gallery

Post Event Slideshow

Booth extras

TREE Booth

Reclaimed-Wood booth

Floral Booth 

mirror Ball Booth

Custom Booth Design//Branded booth